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Voltage Subtraction

Suppose we wish to produce an output voltage that equals the mathematical difference  two input signals, This operation can be pcrtunned by using the -ampli  dijfercntiol moue, where the signals arc connected through appropriate resistor networks to the inverting and noninverting terminals. Figure 14-5 shows the configuration. We can use the superpo ition principle to determine the output of this…

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Applications of Operational Amplifiers

In this chapter, we will explore some useful an:  aplications of operational amplifiers. In connection with several of these. ve will introduce some important conccnt« i:l lnding oscillation theory. filtering, and wavcshuping, that have broad yond just their relevance 10 upcrutionul-amplilicr circuits. Unless otherwise noted ..we will assume that the operational umpliflcrs arc ideal. ‘enough to ideal that we…

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