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Electronic engineering has been a pioneering field for long from the groundbreaking invention of television, telephone, and radio in the late 19th century. The modern day field of 2019 has morphed into a dynamic area, covering robotics, cellphones and much more.

Electronic engineers deal with the look, development and testing of devices,elements or systems that are operated electric power supply. This engineering is usually viewed as a sub field of Electrical engineering (EE). The difference between the two is however drawn from the focus in electronic engineering on electronic equipment and style of individual elements of a tool, while EE is broader, centering more on the generation of power and transmission lines. Several universities also have joint departments for electronic and EE.

Scope of electronic engineering as increased with the use of gadgets and widgets in 2019. Variety of firms look forward to employ electronic engineers in medical instruments, robotics, telecommunication, mobile phones, aviation, automotive, aerospace and defense. Some of the world’s biggest private employers including Microsoft, Sony, HP, Samsung, Apple Inc.require electronic engineers for their operations.

Several indicators demonstrate opportunities of employment in marketplace for electronic engineers is expected to continue its expansion in the near future. The demand for innovation in electronics by consumers, as well as the use of mobile phones and smart-technology, increase in medical technology devices and the growing requirement for electronics have helped bolster this trend. As per the recent projections in a published report by Statistic, the worldwide revenue growth for the electronic sector is foretold 4% in 2018, and is expected to increase much more in 2019.

As per the survey conducted in 2017 of 800 technology an engineering employers, UK’s electronic and electrical firm’s net increase in employed workforce ranked at third position by 32% in last 3 years.

With the emerging demand of consumer electronics in 2019, the electronics industry is expected to rise with the leading firms striving to meet these demand by hiring and investing more in the electronic department. Electronic engineer’s profile has great demand in the current market.

It is imperative to note that the world has been rising towards the development of the automation and robots, this can only be possible with the electronic engineering’ support. It is projected that the electronic revolution would make the world moving into the new dimensions. With the recent technological advancement, there is a scope for the companies to adopt the automation technologies, robotics, internet of things and smart energy system into their process.

The field is also never going to be boring as the new gadgets are coming out all the time. The electrical and electronics components are continuously modified, with inventions and reinventions taking place on daily basis. After 10 years the processor component used will be entirely different from that of today. So the work never goes out of business. New stuff is always available, fun testing and assembling can always be performed.

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